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  • Jamie Rogers

Why Having a Website is Only Half a Solution

As a professional automotive writer, I deal with a number of small businesses, either that have a poor web presence or none at all, aside from the ubiquitous Facebook page. Their understanding of websites, online, digital … whatever you want to call it is usually pretty low; they’re looking to have a website because they’re told they should. But that’s only half the story, and I’ll explain why.

Without a doubt, a website has become an integral part of any marketing, branding or awareness strategy – best estimates say that there are between 1.5 – 1.8bn websites currently active in the world, with around 4bn new pieces of content being published every day.

Reasons for having a website that I hear regularly are as follows:

“Because I need one”
“I’ve been told I should have one”
“I want to sell more products”
“It’s a worldwide audience”
“It’s all about the income generation”

The Magic of Professional Writing

While I can’t really argue with any of those reasons (after all, I’m writing this post to generate interest in my business, get brand awareness, create business etc), the fact is that a number of these small business owners are under the impression that once the site is built and live, money (in the form of customers) will just walk through the door.

“I have a website, people around the world will know all about me / my products / my business / my service”. Kerchiiiing.

What Can a Professional Writer Do for You?

The reality is usually a little different. Yes, in theory, your products or services now have a worldwide audience, but think of it as a High Street; the businesses survive due to passing footfall, a little window dressing and something that they must have – why do you think multi-national stores spend so much on window dressing?

It isn’t so that regular or loyal customers use them, it’s to attract the passers-by that would otherwise walk straight on past.

It’s the same for your website. The first hurdle that you need to overcome is actually getting people to know you’re there (SEO), then it’s about window dressing – enticing them to look through the site (content) and then the sale (high conversion copy & content).

The sales process is the same, just digitalised.

You wouldn’t just open a shop and wait for customers to stroll by, you’d market it, and having a website is the same thing; waiting for people to stumble across your site is an unrealistic way of doing business.

You Need On-Page SEO

So, we’ve established that having a website built is really only half the job, to maximise your investment, you need to understand what it is your customers are looking for (both in terms of what they’re searching, and what they need to see to actually purchase).

Once you understand that, you need a professional writer to maximise that, through the use of words, seo techniques, keywords and layout.

Of course you could do-it-yourself, many people do, but you’re still not really maximising the potential of the site, unless of course you make your living with words, and have an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation. Does that sound like you?

Free Service for SMEs

I offer a free service for SMEs; I’ll take a look at what you’ve done, what you need to do, and what your next steps are, all for the princely sum of nothing.

Why would I do that? Well, of course I hope to help you carry out those recommendations, and for a price that’s more competitive than the big guys. What have you got to lose?

Get in touch with me today, and we’ll soon have your investment turning a profit.

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