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About Writeything

Specialising in automotive B2B and B2C SE-Optimised content & copy. 

30+ years of automotive industry knowledge and experience, from 'hands on' to management, and company ownership. I understand the industry, market, demographics and sales from both perspectives. 

Roles include: Engine & Machine Shop Supervisor, Company Manager, Senior Race Engine Builder, Track Support Engineer, Engine Development Engineer, Service Department Manager, Aftersales Manager and Company Director. 

Formed in 2012, Writeything has supplied content, copy, blog posts, white papers, email newsletters and articles for a wide range of organisations and companies, including: Jaguar Land Rover, Helston Garages Group, Smithers Pira, Coventry University, PetrolPrices, The Guardian Newspaper, Heads Together (The Royal Foundation), Elephate Content Marketing Agency, The HOTH SEO Marketing Agency, BDM Talk, Advice Interactive Group, Cognition Agency, 22Point6 and many more.


Current services include: Blog posts, long-form articles, white papers, newsletters, website content, high-conversion sales pages, product guides, and technical reports, all fully optimised (where necessary) for the best Search Engine Rankings; giving you an increased share of the market.


Looking to outsource your content is a huge decision, and I understand that. After all, any decision you make now could potentially have repercussions on your brand, business or customers. I’ve had my own business for 14 years; before that I was a manager for the UK’s largest independent sportscar manufacturer, and prior to that, I worked in F1 and IndyCar, with perhaps the most demanding and particular customers I’ve had to date.


It’s my experience of managing, and building an automotive business that gives me a unique insight as to what works for my automotive clientele; knowing what I’d look for as an automotive professional, and understanding what it is that customers need to see to convert them to consumers of a product.

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