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Why Should You Outsource Your Content?

Outsourcing your content is a smart move
Outsourcing your content; content creation the smart way

Looking to outsource your content is a huge decision, and I understand that. After all, any decision you make now could potentially have repercussions on your brand, business or customers.

I’ve had my own business for 14 years; before that I was a manager for the UK’s largest independent sportscar manufacturer, and prior to that, I worked in F1 and IndyCar, with perhaps the most demanding and particular customers I’ve had to date.

Indy 500 qualifying, with team Conquest
Qualifying for the Indy 500, 2002 (JR 4th from right)

It’s my experience of managing, and building an automotive business that gives me a unique insight as to what works for my automotive clientele; knowing what I’d look for as an automotive professional, and understanding what it is that customers need to see to convert them to consumers of a product.

Outsource Your Content

I know that a lot of businesses prefer to keep their marketing and copywriting in-house, it allows for a greater flexibility in scheduling, and gives the content manager a degree or two of more control. But using a freelancer copywriter could actually give greater flexibility, and control only matters when there’s an issue, which with good communication and understanding, that should never happen.

Of course, we haven’t yet reached the elephant in the room; you’re already paying for someone to sit in their nice modern workspace, churning out words on-demand, and with maybe just a teeny amount of complacency – they’re getting paid regardless whether the content performs or not, and the bonus for you is that they know your voice.

Flipping that around, you could also argue that ‘knowing your voice’ is a tick in the minus column. Words get written down without much thought as to whether they could be better. Is there a different way of saying something that may get a little more interaction? Could simply changing one or two words make a difference?

A freelance writer spends as much of their time editing as they do writing
The editing process is crucial to audience engagement

I have a number of clients that outsource their content need to me, one in particular relies heavily on engagement with their audience, you can almost guarantee that week in, week out, my content delivers more engagement.

Content Research

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got

That quote has been attributed to Henry Ford, but then statistics, quotations and facts have a habit of being mis-quoted or misrepresented in a great deal of online content. That’s why whenever I quote a source, it hasn’t been picked at random in a ‘that’ll do’ fashion. Research is the key to any great content.

Of course, using sources and linking out to other reputable (non-competing) sites is an important part of any good SEO strategy, and thanks to my time with some of the leading SEO agencies, I can create content that is fully optimised for search engines. Even when The Great God of Google keeps changing the algorithms, I’m the one that’s footing the cost of remaining current.

The HOTH are a leading SEO agency that I have trained under for my freelance writing
The HOTH are one of the leading SEO agencies in the business

Speaking of linking to quality content; the very fact that I write for numerous different sites means that I already have a network of sites and clients that can benefit from inbound or outbound links, providing of course it’s appropriate.

Some of these sites have a domain authority of high 50s, even 60s, and an inbound link from them represents excellent value.

Sourcing Content for Market Leaders

My client list, past & present includes:

  • Jaguar Land Rover Experience

  • Helston Garage Group

  • PetrolPrices

  • The Royal Foundation / Heads Together

  • The Guardian Online

  • VV Magazine

  • Coventry University

  • … and quite literally hundreds of SMEs.

I write content designed for B2C & B2B, that includes long-form articles, white papers, blog posts, technical papers and sales collateral, all perfectly SEO friendly where needed.

Contact Writeything

I’m available via many forms of communication, I use Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, email and regular texting, and even the occasional phone call.

Work can be submitted via GoogleDocs, or direct email in the form of a .doc(x) or .pdf file.

Like to find out more? I’m available most days if you’d like to discuss a project or rates. Please contact me to discuss the options.

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