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  • Jamie Rogers

The Google Effect

Hands up if you don't 'search' for something on the internet, you Google it?

I do. I spend half my life 'Googling'. The Google name has become synonymous with searching online; you don't 'Bing' something do you?

I'm totally an Apple Fanboy, I've owned iPhone 3, 3S, 4, 5, 5C, 6, 6S+, an iPad Mini, a 4th gen iPad and all of my son's phones have been Apple. We are Apple's perfect customers - Apple for life.

And yet in every other respect, Google has pervaded my life, they've forced their way in, crept through the darkest corners of my technology and planted their flag firmly. I don't like that.

Bossing the Internet

Any online, digital consultant will tell you - play by the Great God of Google's rules, or don't play.

It's Google that laid down the diktat that all sites must be mobile friendly (responsive), or your SERP's will suffer, that your content needs to be customer focused, that dropping a load of specific words (keywords) into a document is no longer the done thing.

Going against any of those rules will see your website plummet through the rankings faster than a jumbo-jet with four engines out.

And yet, unless you're particularly au fait with the latest happenings and technology, you may not necessarily know that. (I'd say around 37% of my customers are still using old techniques for SEO practice)

Digital Consultancy

Ideally, you need a rockstar digital consultant to keep on top of things for you. My days are filled with working with businesses to better understand what they're doing (and why) to gain exposure, climb the search engine results pages and gain further exposure.

Of course, you can always pay TGGoG (The Great God of Google) to boost your rankings, but there is two inherent problems with that:

1. It's expensive. And when I say expensive, I mean eye-wateringly, cheek reddening expensive.

2. Once you've used up your budget, you may not have actually increased your rankings, or organic growth - in other words, the customers that are hanging around after your campaign finishes.

Surely, There Is a Better Way?

Of course there is, and that's why I'm here.

When you commit to a campaign of blogs with me, I take the time to understand just what it is that you're trying to achieve; wider engagement, social shares, industry leader or just knowledge sharing.

I also look to your customer demographics, to get an understanding of what it is that they want. (after all, if your content doesn't interest them, we're all wasting our time)

Once I have that information, I research keywords. Not only will I tell you what's performing best for your industry, but I'll also give you a rough pricing structure as to what you'd expect to pay to be at the top of list for each and every click you get.

Hopefully by comparing the two prices (the price of the campaign versus the PPC promotion), you'll understand just what benefit a well-produced series of blogs can do for you.

Of course, the other benefit (not just financial) is that your traffic is organic - people are there because they love what you do, not because you paid to be at the top of a list.

More Information?

If you'd like to find out more information about the benefits I can bring, please drop me a line, give me a call, I'm always happy to talk you through the best options for your particular need.

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