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Looking to Hire a Professional Writer? Here's Why You Should

why you should hire a professional writer for your business
Hiring a professional writer for your business is a must

Hiring a professional writer can bring many different benefits, and it’s more cost effective than you may think, but many businesses fall into the trap of DIY’ing their own content because they believe it will save them money.

You need to look at the opposite side of that coin; hiring a professional writer will actually make you money, free up your time, and give an ROI that you’ll be proud of.

Professional Writing

A company blog can be a powerhouse for lead generation, and gives you the opportunity to show your expertise, share knowledge and build trust in your brand, which are three key factors to building brand awareness and retaining, or winning new clients. Conversely, poorly written posts or website content can be a big turn off to any potential client.

And even if you’re particularly good with words, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you can create content that’s easily readable, SEO friendly and conversion positive.

Besides, no matter how clever you are with words, you could be approaching it from the wrong angle; making your brand sound too high-brow, or creating content that The Great God of Google (TGGoG) deems to be a little unnatural in the every day world.

Fresh Perspectives for Your Products

Sometimes, you get so immersed in your product, business, or branding that you can’t see anything but the usual way of doing things, whereas working with an industry expert can often give you a fresh perspective to your marketing (perhaps even your products).

A professional writer can usually offer more than just words – having spent time within your industry, they know what works, what doesn’t work, and they understand the language of your audience and what it is they want, and can of course deliver that message to them, as they want it, without them feeling pressurised or that they’re being sold to.

The Cost vs Time Benefit of Hiring a Pro Writer

Many companies believe that by hiring a pro writer, they’re spending unnecessary money; if they write the post themselves, they’ll be saving money in the long run, and even disregarding the benefits, this is effectively valuing their time at zero cost.

If you’re building a business, what would you give for an extra day’s worth of time each week? How many times do you hear “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”?

Creating valuable content is more than a moments work, a quality blog post can take anywhere from an hour or two, right up to a whole day, depending on the research involved and length of the post. As a business owner, wouldn’t you think that the time could be better spent on developing products, staff relations or even having some much needed time off to recharge?

Why a Pro Writer Gives an Excellent ROI

Hiring a professional writer isn’t cheap, although with a cost-vs-benefit analysis, you’ll see that the money is well spent, and actually earning you a return on that investment.

According to HubSpot, companies that blog more than 16 times per month generate (on average) 3.5x more traffic to their site than the companies that blog between 0-4 per month. And while traffic isn’t a guaranteed measure of success, it certainly helps with SERPs, Domain Authority and conversions.

this graph shows that businesses who blog more, get more leads
Image via HubSpot

A well-written blog post can increase leads and generate more income for a longer period of time, at a significantly reduced cost than any PPC campaign that you can run through the likes of Google.

Sure, it won’t happen overnight (be wary of those that tell you it will), but when you start seeing the benefit, paying for a pro copywriter will more than pay for itself, and of course, the more they write, the better your sales and lead generation become – it’s a win-win situation.

On top of that, it’s likely that a pro blogger or copywriter will have an up-to-date understanding of the latest SEO algorithms (which change regularly), so any efforts they put in to getting you results will be effective, rather than relying on outdated knowledge that may work.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Writer

You’ve read some of the benefits, you’re understanding that, just perhaps, you’d be better off with paying a pro to write your content; if nothing else, your time is more valuable to you than you first realised, so the next step is finding someone that can offer all of this, but at a reduced price.

Your brand isn’t cheap, your products aren’t low value, and as for your reputation … that’s priceless, so why risk all of that with cheap content?

There are plenty of old adages or clichés about the cost of things – “Buy cheap and you’ll buy twice” or “You get what you pay for”, but the reality is that a well-designed blog campaign or content strategy may be cheaper than you think, and then we get to this statistic; around 75% of all consumers research a brand or business online before visiting them, which means your website is your one chance to make that first impression. Make the right one.

If you’re looking for amazing content that delivers more than just words, written by an industry professional, get in touch with me to discuss your project.

Results that even your business manager will like.

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