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  • Jamie Rogers

A Day In The Life of a Freelance Writer

You think it's all sunshine and roses - being able to wake up and stroll around, getting breakfast made, sipping your builder's tea. Let me tell you, it ain't so. (Well, maybe occasionally it can be that way).

Talk to nearly anyone, and they'll all assume this is your regular work hang-out, sitting on the beach, laptop in hand, sipping your iced tea and licking your ice cream. It ain't so.

I spend hours researching stuff, that could involve scrolling through a million miles of fluff & filler, clicking links like my son clicks cookies on 'Cookie Clicker' (can there be a more pointless game?) and jotting down notes with my faithful fountain pen.

And for the love of god, where would I get my Wi-Fi?

I hear 'Freelancer' and the image I get is this ...

Searching for that 'one great client'

It isn't so much to do with having my head up my rear-end (although the Lord knows that some clients can push you that way), it's more about trying to do everything. And often failing.

Marketing? Check. Promotion? Check. Accounts? Check. Chasing Payment? Check ... oh, and of course ... actually writing. Check, check and flipping check.

I love my job, hang on ... I love the flexibility I get with my job, I love the fact that when I tell people I'm a writer, their first question is invariably "written anything I'd know?" or "what? Like JK Rowling?" (I have a secret crush on JK Rowling).

For the main part, life isn't all sitting on a beach, trying to look cool with your shades on, not being able to see your screen and frying like only a Ginger can. I wish.

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