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  • Jamie Rogers

A Bastard Covered Bastard, with a Bastard Centre

Since hearing that phrase, I've wanted to use it somewhere, anywhere. I decided that if the mountain won't come to Mohammed ...

A bastard covered bastard, with a bastard centre

I love that phrase, and it's going to be locked away in my memory, ready to fire at someone, one day. Of course, it came from Dr Perry Cox from the series 'Scrubs', for those of you that don't know, he's a hard-nosed, insult throwing ... bastard? #mancrush

While it's fun to throw around the odd sweary word, I've had people tell me that this (my blog) is no place for such language, that it gives an air of ... unprofessionalism.

(What do you think? Be sure to tell me in the comments)

The reason why I'm sticking with it is this:

Language is a beautiful thing, it's full of words that can evoke an emotion, make us cry, make us smile, get us angry, fall in love ... without language, even in its most basic form, there's nothing.

Early examples of 'language' dating back to the cavemen

Swear words (or if you're across the pond, cuss words) are just part of that language, and an important part if you ask me. Sure, some people don't like them, I have no issue with that (I always mind my P's & Q's when I'm with my in-laws for example), but for those that say it shows a lack of intelligence or vocabulary ... I'm afraid you're wrong.

In fact, a study shows that it's pretty much opposite to what can only be a lie, perpetuated by those that don't enjoy a good dose of swearing.

I'm not saying that it's all feck this, feck that, feck you, but you shouldn't be afraid to mix it up a little. (that link is totally worth checking out BTW)

(As an aside, I belong to a private Facebook group that is purely writing professionals, and the language in there even makes me blush sometimes)

What are your thoughts about this?

Should we try an eradicate swearing completely? Or should it stay?

Say it loud ... I'm proud to be a sweary bastard.

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