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  • Jamie Rogers

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pro Writer

Every writer has their own tips & tricks as to what we (as professional writers) should be doing to make our business better; from creating buyer personas through to understanding the more technical aspects of digital - SEO, PA, DA, SERPs ... it's a fun life!

I recently started creating buyer profiles for my customers ... we have Jonathan, Martin and Timothy so far (you really don't want to know about Timothy), but I started thinking about just what services I was offering them?

Yep, I can do all the SEO stuff (having trained under and worked for a number of world-class SEO companies and agencies), but that only really works for them (and me) if I can explain the benefit correctly - all the writing skill in the world won't help if I'm just telling them "need SEO, SEO good, me do SEO".

Equally, do you as a buyer really give a stuff about DA (Domain Authority) or Page Authority, providing that yours isn't doing you harm? Perhaps I should rephrase that question ... do you even know just what Domain Authority or Page Authority is all about? How it can affect your business?

Why would you?

For some, it's another language, and one that they're not prepared to learn ... like talking to a techie that's just waffling nonsense ... "Yeah, your piston return spring broke and that left the diametric adjusting valve unable to clear the thruster pinchpole, all while sucking air through the aluminium exploder box".

Some people would try and bluff it out ... "Oh yeah, the old pinchpole thing ... they're a bugger to fix to aren't they", whilst others would just smile and nod ... it's the same for internetery stuff ... chuck in a few words that make you sound like you know what you're talking about, and most people would be none the wiser.

That's reason number one why you need a professional digital writer.

And there's more ...

OK, I know stuff that makes me sound like a magical wizard, but the essence of good digital content is to make it readable, without using all that techie language and demonstration of knowledge ... natural is the key, and having a wide vocabulary helps with that ... especially when you're trying to deal with customers from all over the world - if I'm sitting at my desk in my pants in America, then all is good, but if I'm doing the same in the UK, I'm a weirdo (and believe me, in the last hot spell, it got worse than that).

Reason number two is all about understanding your market, your customers and of course, your product or service.

Reason three - see that big paragraph about sitting here in my pants ... hateful isn't it?

How the text just seems to merge in one big block, you're wishing for it to end, a small break of just a line or two, maybe even a picture ... I know that TGGoG (The Great God of Google) also hates it, and that's why the skill of a professional writer is all important - to know when to be more creative or just stop.

Both four and five are the same ... it isn't about knowing how to brain words out, about speaking the Queen's English impeccably, or using big words ...

a professional wordsmith
Hmmm ... yeah

Of course I can use words that make me sound like I've swallowed a thesaurus, but that makes posts virtually unreadable, and certainly hard work ... if your reader has to concentrate to just understand what's being said, you're over-complicating it.

If you'd like a proper insight as to why you should always hire a pro for your writing, feel free to contact me to chat things through.

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